05 Apr 2018

Facebook remarketing is a very powerful way to help keep in the mind of your potential customers and give you another chance at that sale or enquiry!

What is remarketing?

Remarketing is a technique used to advertise your product or service to customers who have already shown an interest in what you offer by visiting your website. Kind of like visiting a shop and then receiving a letter the next day showing you all the latest offers from that shop.

Facebook remarketing can be used to bring customers back to your website and so increase the chances of a sale.

 How to set up a Facebook Remarketing Campaign

Setting up a Facebook remarketing campaign is relatively straight forward if you are fairly online savvy. You will need to insert some code onto your website though so you may need a small amount of assistance from your web developer.

Remember though, it is not just about being able to do the initial set up, you will need to make sure you analyse how your campaign is doing and optimise it as you go along to ensure maximum ROI (return of investment).

So, there are 3 steps to getting your campaign up and running:

STEP 1: Create a Facebook Pixel

This is the bit of code you need to have running behind the scenes on your website. It allows Facebook to identify your visitors so it knows who to show your adverts too.

To get started you need to be in the ‘Adverts Manager’, you can find this by clicking on promotions on the left hand side of your business page, then at the bottom there is a link to load it up for you.

Next click on the Menu in the top left and under ‘Assets’ you will see a link to ‘Pixels’. This will then take you through a step by step process to creating your Pixel. Once the Pixel has been created, you will need to insert it between the <HEAD>  and </HEAD> tags in your website code (that’s where you may need your web developer).

Create Facebook Pixel

STEP 2: Create your Audience

Again, this is done from your ‘Adverts Manager’, click on the menu option in the top left and load up ‘Audience’.

Click on ‘Create Audience’ and then ‘Custom Audience’. Then choose ‘Website Traffic’ as shown below:

Create a Custom Audience

Give your audience a name, choose a website traffic option that best suits your campaign and click ‘Create audience’.


STEP 3: Create Advert

Last bit now, once you have created your audience, just click on ‘Create Advert’ found on the top right of most pages in the Adverts Manager and follow the process through.

And that’s it you are up and running! Let Facebook works it’s magic and get your adverts in front of previous visitors to your website. Happy Advertising!!


We hope you found this post useful, our goal at Full Circle Agency is to help show that digital marketing is not as daunting as it may first appear. With a good plan in place and the right knowledge much of the work can be done in house. Of course sometimes the time to do it yourself is just not there, and for those times we are here to help! If you would like to chat with one of our Digital Marketing Specialists please get in touch and see how Full Circle Agency can help promote your business.

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