Business intelligence dashboards are a tool used to display key data in a visual layout. They pull data through from various datasets, displaying it in a visually engaging and clear way. They are easily shared and so when used effectively will ensure all members of your team have the latest information to hand at a click of a button.

Why use a dashboard?

Using business intelligence dashboards will change the way data is shared within your organisation.

There are many reasons to use a business intelligence dashboard; the main reason is that it allows you to see all relevant data, in a glance. This makes the decision making process much simpler. They allow you to monitor key information, on sales, marketing, products and much more and ensure everyone is working from the same information.

Key information at a glance

Having access to the most recent data is essential to a successful business. Data needs to be easily understandable, accurate and up to date.

A custom design business intelligence dashboard will allow you to see everything you need to in a glance. Different departments can have different dashboards, each customised for their needs. This will eliminate the risk of teams using different information and potentially out of date information.


Full Circle Agency can custom build your dashboards, with 3 steps:

  • Identify required information
  • Source the data
  • Design the BI Dashboard





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