20 Mar 2018

Here at Full Circle Agency, we are very passionate about the environment and making sure we are respectful in our actions. As part of this we run a paperless office (where possible), we do not have a printer in the office, and we use tablets for jotting down notes and ideas. Keeping paper usage to as close to zero as possible is not an easy task with a marketing and accounting business but with a bit of thought, it can be done.

Even when it comes to our bookkeeping services, we do not print off copies of invoices and receipts, we simply enter what we need and upload a copy into QuickBooks.

The latest addition to our paperless office plans are our business cards. They arrived fresh in today and are made out of 100% recycled T-shirts! Instead of using trees to make the paper, our suppliers have created a clever way to make use of the left over materials produced when making T-Shirts.

New Business Cards - still a paperless office

They look and feel like normal business cards but we know differently! Just another way that Full Circle Agency have found to be innovative.

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